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Best easy guides on hp hard drive replacement in 2022

You are a HP laptop owner and you are looking for guides on hp hard drive replacement probably because is now faulty? you are on the right page.

If you have detected these signs of hard drive failure which include slow performance in some occasions sudden crashes. Using a laptop with faulty hard drive is never easy and can’t be be ignored because it will actually disappoint you on a certain day you need your laptop mostly, because all computers both desktop and laptops actually depends on the hard drive to get their given tasks done.

This is because the hard drive is needed not only for storage in the system, it is also highly needed for operating system like wise. In this our post ” best easy guides on hp hard drive replacement” we are going to give you several tests to perform in other to diagnose the fault of your hard drives (not only hp laptops don’t mind the “hp laptops” in the title but in other laptops as well though we are using hp laptops here as the case of study) and also the right procedures in repairing them.

Brief outline of this tutorial:

  • Hp laptop hard drive replacement:
  • Why do hard drive fail?Use of built in diagnostics in hp hard drive replacement:
  • Other Remedies that can be used for hp hard drive replacement and repair
  • Full details on hard drive replacement
  • Things to take into consideration in hp hard drive replacement
  • How to Install your new hp hard drive
  • How to Install Windows on your new hard drive
  • Summary of hp hard drive replacement


HP which is the abbreviation of “Hewlett-Packard” is now one of the most widely known information Technology company because of their personal production and also their business IT solutions, they make different hardware and software products. The most popular of them include, HP Spectre, hp probook l, hp x360 laptops, Chromebooks, hp LaserJet printers, hp elitebook laptops and EliteDesk Desktops.

If we are talking about important life time parts of a computer the hard drive can’t be excluded as a very important part of your computer. The hard drive is the main storage device in a computer, it performs the work of storing your files, even installed softwares, and also as I said previously your operating system. It is the main back-bone in managing processes within your computing system. Notwithstanding hard drive problems happens to be one of the most common issue among all laptop users.

As a laptop user to have the full knowledge of the faults we will be dealing with about hard drives, you have to recognise and understand the common signs and errors associated with hard drives this will help you identify when this hard drives need to be changed.

The hard disk or hard drive as most people do call it read and write data in a laptop system using magnetic read and write heads situated on an actuator which floats on spinning disk inside the drive.

Being a good non-volatile system of storage, digital information which are stored on a hard disk will always be there when needed. The data will be present even when the device is no longer in use or maybe switched off. This is the main difference between hard drives and Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM being volatile storage system will always reset whenever the computer is switch off or rebooted.

Because there is spinning moving parts to read and write data in a hard drive. The moving parts are one of the reasons hard drive can fail, as a result of these moving parts there can be an accidental damage or normal wear and tear which will make the hard drive faulty.

One of the most common fault in every Laptop is hard drive failure, it is not only limited to hp laptops or hp products but in all Laptops and systems, it is really disappointing and very irritating to the user. Though hard drive failure is irritating and disappointing but the worst part here is that this fault is unavoidable. Once you are using a hard drive, on the long-run it will actually get faculty one day because of long-term use then it need replacement, how do you do this? Can the life span of these hard drives be prolonged? This lead use to our next subtopic ” The actual cause of hard drive failure”.

Hp laptop hard drive replacement: Why do hard drives fail?

In a hard drive there is what we call “bad sectors”, now what is a bad sector? Hard drives do come with little amounts of bad sectors, and as time goes on they will increase periodically. The hard drive will start showing signs and errors when this bad sectors accumulate to an effective amount. Errors like corrupt and in most cases slow booting will follow suit.

There are specific tests and tools HP users can use in diagnosing their laptop hard drives. This can serve as a good practice to prevent loss of data stored in your hard drive as a result of failure. Understanding what the specific problem is by using these tools will help you to find the perfect solution before is late.

Follow these guidelines for hp hard drive replacement

Use of built in diagnostics in hp hard drive replacement:

The first thing to do is testing the HP laptop with in-built diagnostics such as chkdsk, HP Support Assistant, and HP Diagnostics UEFI the following listed tools is meant to be used in testing your system for any rising hardware malfunction.

Using Chkdsk for hp hard drive replacement and repair

This first one “Chkdsk” is always present on all Windows PCs and Laptops, its main function is to check hard disk status. Though your system is having issues but if it can still boot successfully, the best thing to do is to check it with this tool.

The Chkdsk can execute repairs on soft bad sectors which are caused as a result of software errors then the damages caused by mark hard bad sectors by physical damage will be skipped. It is a useful tool which prevent faults before the actual failure if it is run on a regular basis.

Use of other HP built-in tools in hp hard drive replacement and repair

You will understand this process by mere looking at their names, as it implies HP Support Assistant and HP Diagnostics UEFI which are HP-specific inbuilt diagnostics tools designed to regularly check HP devices for any arising issues. On normal circumstances this two apps will come with your computer when purchased, in a situation where by you don’t have it anymore then you will have to download it from the HP Support site.

Firstly launch HP Support Assistant if you can still boot your computer successfully, then use diagnostics and online support. But in a situation where your computer can not boot to Windows, then use HP Diagnostics UEFI at the bootup section.

Use HP Support Assistant for hp hard drive replacement and repair

When we talk about HP support assistant is a section where any information needed about your computer can be found. You can also run all diagnostics on all the components on your computer when needed. To make use of this hp support assistant you will have to launch the pre-installed app to do so.

After the installation to test your system, you can also run simple checks such as performance tune-up Check for optimizing your system. On the other hand you can also run HP Hardware Diagnostics to test if their is any potential hardware issues in your device. One interesting part of this diagnostics is that it does not only includes the hard drive fault, but it also diagnose other components like memory and the video card issues if any. On the process of this diagnostics you can come across hardware issues that you can possibly fix yourself without consulting any specialist.

Use of HP Diagnostics UEFI in hp hard drive replacement and repair

In stituation where your system cannot boot to windows may be blank or stuck at somewhere like hp splash screen, then the need of this diagnostics comes in. Steps to use HP Diagnostics includes: Firstly hold the “Esc” key after restarting your computer when it reach the startup menu.After that you have to press “F12” to access System Diagnostics.

When you use Hp Diagnostics, it performs a system checkup for the whole system and if their is any hardware faults report, it will be displayed with failure codes. After knowing the issue along with it’s failure code, then getting the solution is easy by checking hp Customer Support to find the perfect solution to that fault using it’s failure code.

Other Remedies that can be used for hp hard drive replacement and repair
Use of dedicated analysis software for hp hard drive replacement and repair

In most cases this simple system tests can’t be enough to tests and diagnose the faults in your hard drive. The next alternative step is to test it with the dedicated hard drive analysis software that are readily available. In this case examples of software use include Western Digital Data Lifeguard or maybe you can use SeaTools (Seagate) for diagnosing the fault.

This hard drive analysis software will always give you two test options which includes: Quick and Extended. When we come to quick tests, the data present on the hard drive is verified and a smart test will be carried out. This quick tests is for any potential soft errors and failures available in the hard drive. Coming to Extended tests, they are more thorough than the quick test, with stress tests that diagnose bad sectors. Longer time is always consumed in this test, most atimes more than an hour.

Using this method, you’ll have to perform more work than just launching the application. You will have to take out the faulty hard drive from your hp laptop then fix it to a different Laptop using a SATA enclosure box. Though is more advisable to use a desktop computer because it keeps it away from other factors that will hinder its performance. The SATA enclosure which is powered by a different power source also will also enhance this thorough check.

This above mentioned softwares are to test and repair any rising problems or faults, still bad sectors cannot be avoided, they will still cause the eventual failure of the hard drive. If you need a long term solution of your hard drive repair that will only be by buying another hard drive. Now this takes us to the next topic on hp hard drive repair which is replacement of the hard drive.

Full details on hp hard drive replacement

While choosing a hard drive replacement there are certain things you need to have in mind which includes what you want in a drive and the level of performance needed, this will help you to choose the perfect hard drive for your laptop to get the best computing experience. Here are things to take into consideration in hp hard drive replacement:

Buying the hard drive model of your laptop

You can use your current hard drive model as a reference when hunting for a hard drive for replacement. Having the knowledge of your experience with your previous hard drive, already knowing the gauge of performance you need in a computer will really help in make good choice in hp hard drive replacement. You may decide to get a faster drive, or maybe you need more storage capacity. Making this comparison with the one you used previously will help you make a better choice.

If you need the information of your current hard drive model, is readily available in HP Support Assistant, including other hardware and software information you may wish to know. On the other hand you can get it from the Device Manager, is located under “Disk Drives”.

In a situation your computer is not able to boot correctly then you can use this method to get them: Go over to BIOS setup and check your hard drive model from there. Use F10 from the startup menu which is prompted by holding Esc during boot up.

Or you can easily get the informations from the labels on your laptop by opening it yourself. Hard drives always have these informations like model and serial number printed on the front label on the hard ware.

Their sizes

Most SATA hard drives will come in two sizes which includes 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch. Is calculated by the rough diameter of the spinning platters on the drive. Most Laptops do use 2.5-inch drives and desktop computers make use of 3.5 inch. The 2.5-inch drives have smaller storage capacity because they are made smaller to fit into the laptop case so they relatively have less storage capacity compared to the 3.5-inch which are made for desktop computers.

Their storage Capacities

One important thing to take into consideration while choosing a hard drive is it’s storage system. Maybe you are happy and satisfied with the storage space in the hard drive you are using previously, then is advisable to continue using the hard drive. This will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses of buying hard drive wih much space that you won’t be relevant to you.

But firstly you have to imagine how much space that will actually be needed to run your system comfortablly. Most users aiming at personal use for media files storage and documents normally go for hard drives with 250-500GB storage space . If maybe is for professional use which storage of larger media files will be need, it is advisable to go for hard drives with storage space of at least 1TB or even more.

Speed of the hard drive

One of the important things to consider before choosing a hard drive is it’s speed. The mode of calculation being revolutions per minute of the spinning platters in the hard drives determines the speed of the hard drive, it determines wether it will be slower or faster in reading and writing data.

Hard drives always come with a speed of 5400RPM or 7200 RPM. The choice in choosing solely depends on your bugdet and need. Power source will also be considered because the moving parts function according to power availability, the faster the RPM, the more power that will be consumed by the hard drive. I will advice if you don’t have a good power supply to get a balance performance go for 5400RPM.

Availability of the hp hard drive for replacement

This another vital factor in hp hard drive replacement. Though there are many places you can purchase good hardware parts these days, you can get them either in e-commerce stores or retail stores. Which ever way you want to use is advisable to buy it from legit stores like Amazon or directly from that brand stores (e.g hp store) because they are more trusted and reliable.

How to Install your new hp hard drive

This is the final stages in hp hard drive replacement. Most people like to take their system to professionals and get them paid to install their hard drive. But installing your hp hard drive all yourself takes nothing but few simple steps, tools and guidelines which when followed gives the required result. This is the perfect and fastest solution to hard drive failure because it is quick and you can use your system immediately if you replace it.

You can go over to Hp Support’s YouTube channel and get more knowledge because they have lots of resources and video tutorials meant to help people on how to replace and repair their hp laptop and other devices.

How to Install Windows on your new hard drive

Without installing a new windows you can’t make use of your laptop that has a new hard drive because there is no operating system present in the system. If you try starting it the system will display error like “no operating system found”. After installing new hard drive the first thing to do is to install a new windows.

If you want to reinstall Windows on your new hard drive quickly, the best option is by using a USB installation media system. Firstly you have to download a Windows installation media inside the USB with 16GB capacity. After startup, hold “Esc” which will lead you to startup menu. We are not going to be using F2 Diagnostics. Click on F9 Boot options menu then choose the device you want to boot from. Finally Install Windows, then you’re done with repairing your hard drive.

Summary of hp hard drive replacement

One more important thing is that you should check your hp warranty before attempting to repair the hard ware yourself, if the warranty have not expired hp company will repair it free of charge. Thanks for reading please share on your social platforms it will be appreciated. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop it in comment box we will attend to it immediately.

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