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lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen 12th Gen review and prices ( US, UK, Canada…)

In our today’s review, we will be looking into the Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen review and its prices in different locations of the world like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia Singapore, and other countries where this laptop is available. If you want to check its quick spec, check out Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen Specs.

This Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen is completely unlike any other laptop you might have seen. Let’s start the review by going straight to its body design before going into its prices.

The unique design of the laptop

Lenovo laptop yogabook 9i dual screen design
Credits to engadget

This laptop is the world’s first full-size dual OLED screen laptop. And from the image, you can see that one screen is up and the other down. Frankly speaking, this is completely unlike anything we’ve seen before.

And it’s something that I’ve been personally waiting so long to see, because we’ve seen the evolution of smartphones going from traditional physical keyboards, like on your old BlackBerrys, and then we moved over to touchscreen keys, and really everyone’s gotten used to it, no one complains.

We haven’t really been able to make the same leap when it comes to laptops. Coming to its ports, It also has a minimal number of ports, with only 3 USB-C Type-C (Thunderbolt 4) ports. But for connectivity, it has one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, one full-sized HDMI port.

Screen and display of the Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen

Lenovo Yogabook 9i dual screen review and prices
Credits to engadget

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a Windows 11 laptop that is built with a 13.30-inch dual display. It has 2.8k OLED displays, one on top, and the other on the bottom. And what’s really interesting is that just like any other laptop, you can have it in traditional clamshell mode and use it’s on-screen keyboard.

But because it comes with a bunch of accessories including a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, a pen, and the stand, if you place it on its stand you will have a dual screen and use the Bluetooth keyboard.

After fixing it on the stand, you will then have this really interesting dual-screen display that gives more screen real estate to work with. So when it’s in this mode, you can simply slide the Bluetooth keyboard down at the bottom and you can do all your normal keyboard stuff. You can also pick it up and rotate the display again.

Using this dual screen and stand, you will have a taller aspect ratio but still, dual-screen system which is really great if you want to take notes. You can edit on the right side and have some reference materials on the left, or if you’re looking at spreadsheets, you will have a lot of vertical real estate to play with, which is really nice.

Performance of the Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen 13th Gen

The Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen laptop is built with a 13th Gen intel core i7 CPU, which is up to 16 gigs of RAM. It comes with 80whr battery life which is pretty big for a system of this size. It is really great because you need good battery to power a gadget with two displays like this.

From the information gotten from Lenovo, you can go seven hours of use when you’re using both screens, and that doubles to around 14 hours if you’re using just one screen at a time. It’s Graphics Processor is Intel Iris Xe and hard disk of up to 1TB.

New tricks and features of the Lenovo yogabook 9i

As a new laptop designed with new features, let’s check out some interesting little party tricks that are available in this laptop in form of gestures.

How to display the on-screen keyboard

Lenovo Yogabook 9i dual screen keyboard

Making the on-screen keyboard visible in the Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen is very simple.

When you are in dual display mode and you set the keyboard in form of occasional laptops, just hit 8 fingers together on the side which took the keyboard position being the bottom display.

How to activate the water-fall mode in dual screen

Waterfall mode helps the two screens to perform as a single, which made the dual-screen very interesting to use.

To do that simply touch five fingers against the top screen. And then suddenly we have this new waterfall mode. So, we now have the image spanning both screens. So you have engaging content.

Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen price in different countries, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

Being a new laptop with new design and exciting features, the Lenovo yogabook 9i dual screen is quite expensive but its price range is good for its features. Check out the table below for its prices in different countries, starting from the United States.

Country Price
United States $2,000
United Kingdom€1,899
IndiaRs 1,65,000
Brazil10,470.33 BRL
Singapore 2,676.71SGD
South Africa 35770.38 ZAR


  1. It has a Dual OLED display which enables multiple modes
  2. Folio stand included in its box
  3. Detachable Bluetooth keyboard
  4. Enhanced notetaking with a digital pen


  1. Extremely expensive as a unique laptop
  2. A bit thick and heavy which is a downside
  3. Minimal ports, not much like regular laptops.

Final verdict

The Yoga Book 9i dual screen is a good option for people who want a laptop with dual screens that can be used in different ways. It also has useful software features and exciting features. However, its main downside is the fact that it is expensive and the design is a bit bulky. To purchase this gadget, always check our promo page for available coupon codes in e-commerce websites.

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