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Nokia T20 tablet review 4G, best price ( Australia, USA, UK, Netherland, Malaysia .. )

In this today’s post, I will be analyzing the Nokia T20 tablet review ( 4G Tablet), you can check the Tablet specs if you are in a hurry. I will also answer a few important questions about this tablet and analyze its price in countries like the UK, US, Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, and others countries. Firstly let’s check out the Nokia T20 tablet review.

Nokia T20 tablet unboxing: what is in the box

So the first rather obvious question is, what do you get in the box? You will get a charger which is a two-pin, it’s a European sample. You will also get a USB cable which is a type C cable, then you will get a user guide which will help with basic information to start with. And that’s what you will get in the Nokia T20 tablet box.

The Nokia T20 tablet case and body design: Big look and hard case build

The big look of the T20 is not only the first impression of the tablet, it is obviously a budget tablet it does feel a little bit more premium than Amazon’s Fire HD 10. In real observation, it seems to be a little bit skinnier and the plastic back looks rather nice. You could almost pass it as metal because of its hard finish which hopefully should repel the worst of finger grease and smudges. Well, if you’re going to be passing this around your family or giving it to your kids it can really be stained with dirt like oil or stew so the Nokia T20 is not dirt resistant.

Coming to the screen, it has toughened glass, which is just to help give it an extra bit of protection. And surprisingly this tablet is lightweight, as well I reckon even a small child would have no trouble clutching the Nokia T 20 In the back of the car while on a picnic or the cushion at home. The T20 tablet also has nicely rounded corners to make it comfortable to hold which is a win in the design of this tablet. Another development I noticed in this Nokia table, is that the headphone jack is actually stuck away in this bottom right corner when you are clutching it in landscape mode.

This really makes using the Nokia T20 tablet less comfortable, for an instance, if you want to plug in headphones when using the phone for games or watching videos. And using only one hand to operate this phone even with the lightweight build of the Nokia t 20, you will surely develop bicep fatigue after a while even a guy of my age with an obvious muscular structure will feel the same talk more of a kid.

Coming to durability, the design of the T20 certainly feels hardy enough to survive your average everyday family use. Though it is advisable to also purchase a rugged flip cover for the Nokia t 20, Just in case you’re worried one of your kids is going to use this tablet to assault their siblings or fight. Though the Nokia T20 tablet comes with very standard tablet covers and a quite rigid outer shell with a soft alignment to protect your tablet from scratches and scuffs.

Nokia T20 tablet image
Kick Stand

When you flip open that cover it can also fold at the back to form a kickstand-style design, as well as you can prop up the tablet if you’re watching Netflix or Disney plus movies. In general, the design of this tablet is great and hard, with a dimension of 247.6 x 157.5 x 7.8 mm, and mostly available in deep ocean color.

Nokia T20 tablet review 4G: Display

The Nokia T 20 comes with a very respectable 10.4-inch display, which is 2000 by 1200 pixel resolution though visuals are reasonably crisp despite the fact that it’s quite a spacious screen. However, is certainly good enough for browsing your photo collection and watching some Netflix during the big game and whatever you want to do. The T20 also has a simple IPS panel so, don’t expect a super sharp contrast or really vivid in your face colors.

It also comes with 400 nits brightness as well which is fine for an indoor user but not good in sunshine outdoors. You’re going to struggle to see what’s going on in dark and murky scenes of videos or games. The viewing angles are good enough for a couple of heads to cram together and watch videos on YouTube or Netflix at the same time, so it has a good view from different angles. You can do some stuff in the light and white color settings to make it look better, but the refresh rate is stuck at 60 hertz though.

The T20’s Camera: Good webcam

The primary camera of the Nokia T20 is 8 megapixels and features both a LED flash and autofocus. It can record video in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. There is autofocus on the camera, but there is no way to manually focus it. You will need to position the subject in the middle of the viewfinder and then wait for the camera to automatically refocus itself when you have done so.

The camera app features different settings for taking photos, videos, and portraits as well as panoramas. It is equipped with a beauty filter, a timer that can be adjusted for either three or ten seconds, location tagging, burst photographs, the ability to read QR codes, and composition grids. You also have the option to crop the image to full screen, 1:1, or 4:3 (the native or default aspect ratio) (5:3). When taking selfies, the front camera also has the capability to illuminate the entire screen.

The image quality is about what you’d anticipate from a tablet in its price range. The autofocus feature, while useful most of the time, requires a bit of patience on your part. The HDR processing that is included in the cameras of the T20 allows for the shadows and highlights of the majority of images to be preserved.

The images, on the whole, seem well, and the colors aren’t terrible. The dynamic range of this camera is one of its weak points, and the photographs that are shot indoors are noticeably brighter than those taken outdoors, but they are not overly noisy. It should work just fine for scanning documents or taking photos of small print, which is going to be its primary use anyway. You can also use it to take photos of large prints.

Because it is the default camera for video conferences, the front-facing camera with 5 megapixels could end up being the one that is used most often. It captures great pictures of oneself, and it even includes a portrait mode that can blur the background of the picture.

The Tablet performance: New features, software, and available security upgrades

Nokia T20 tablet picture
Nokia T20 tablet

The T20 tablet is driven by a fast Unisoc Tiger T610 processor that was created using the 12nm process. This chipset contains two Cortex-A75 cores operating at 1.8 GHz each and six Cortex-A55 cores operating at 1.8 GHz each, and its performance is comparable to that of entry-level chipsets manufactured by Qualcomm and MediaTek such as the Snapdragon 460 and the Helio G80, respectively.

The graphics are great and is handled by a 2-core Mali G52 GPU, which is not exactly a powerhouse. Because of this, certain games will likely come with a reduction in graphics quality in order to maintain playable framerates. Though the Nokia T20 tablet is great for playing games, not minding the reduction in graphics quality. The tablet played popular games like pokemon go and PUBG perfectly with no issues, the app switch and multi-tasking were also great.

This tablet is stuck on Android 11, one of the only features that HMD had added to the Nokia T20 On top of Android is face unlock. You can use your face to unlock the tablet and bypass the pin because you can only save more than a face per family if you just show the same Google account so if you’re passing around the Nokia t 20 in your family. Everyone else will have to access the tablet with pins and Passwords.

The Nokia T20 tablet also comes with KidSpace for young kids, which helps you to keep them really under the survey of exactly which apps they are allowed to access and what time to access them. And as always one of the benefits of Nokia devices is the fact that you’ve guaranteed updates stretching into the future two years of operating system updates.

Nokia T20 tablet speakers: How is their audio quality?

Nokia T20 has a stereo speaker arrangement. Both of those speakers are housed on the edge of the tablet and it’s a reasonably good audio setup. They are great for playing music and watching videos, though is advisable to get a headphone in a crowded or noisy environment.

Nokia T20 Memory and Storage

This tablet has a storage capacity of 32GB with 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM with 4GB RAM, which should be more than enough to store your photos, videos, and other files. This Nokia tablet also includes a free user account with 1GB of storage space and it also has an SD card slot which is a dedicated slot.

The tablet’s battery performance

The battery life of the Nokia T20 was evaluated by playing a YouTube playlist at a brightness level of 200 nits. We were able to measure a total runtime of 11:06 hours before the battery died. The tablet’s battery life decreased by 11% after it had been used for a video conference session that lasted an hour and involved some multitasking. Because of this, the vast majority of users should be able to complete all of their tasks for the day on a single charge using this t20.

Even though the charger that comes with the Nokia T20 has a rating of only 10W, the phone’s battery has a capacity of 8,200 mAh and can accept up to 15W of charging power. After putting the provided charger to the test, we discovered that the tablet received a charge of 13% after 30 minutes, 52% after two hours, and a complete charge after four hours and five minutes. If that’s the case, then leaving it to charge overnight would be the best option.

The use of a 15W charger produced results that were marginally better. If you charge it for an hour, you’ll get a discount of 70%, but if you charge it for half an hour, you’ll only get a minor gain of 16%. It took exactly 2 hours and 42 minutes to fully charge which is pretty fast.

Nokia T20 price in Australia, USA, UK, Malaysia, Netherlands, etc

The Nokia T20 price in Malaysia, Australia, Netherlands cannot be constant. I do say this in most of my reviews about prices because this is what I have observed personally, but I will give you a price range you should be looking forward to. Check out the Nokia T20 tablet price for its 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage including its 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM analyzed in the table below.

Nokia T20 tablet prices

Country3GB RAM Price 4GB RAM price
United States $106 $250
United Kingdom£130£180
Australia 168 AUD 400 AUD
Malaysia 500 MYR1,179.25 MYR
India ₹17,999₹19,500
South Africa 1,910.96 ZAR4,506.98 ZAR
Nigeria NGN 70,000NGN 110,000

Pros and Cons of the Nokia T20 tablet

Every gadget does have its selling point and also a downside and this T20 will not be an exception. Let’s check out its pros and cons.

Pros of the Nokia T20 tablet

  1. A screen that is both large and bright
  2. Affordable price point
  3. Google’s dedicated areas for children ( KidSpace ) and entertainment
  4. The availability of software and updates to improve security
  5. A headphone jack with a 3.5mm diameter ( at its edge )
  6. Pure Android ( Android 11)

Cons of Nokia T20 tablet

  1. Average performance which is not high
  2. Average Camera
  3. Charging at a low rate, not flash charging
  4. Incompatibility with a stylus or a keyboard

Nokia T20 Frequently asked questions

Let’s check out what people ask about this tablet, I have covered some of the questions in the review but this is just a straight answer.

Can Nokia T20 make calls?

Though the Nokia T20 has an android operating system, which is android 11 it does not support voice calls.

Does Nokia T20 have a SIM card slot?

Yes, the Nokia T20 tablet supports LTE connectivity. There is also a slot that can contain two nano sim cards.

Does Nokia T20 support Netflix?

If you went through my review, you will see where I do mention Netflix, this is because the T20 supports Netflix as a result of the Unisoc T610 processor found in the tablet.

Can I use pen on Nokia T20?

Actually, the Nokia T20 tablet does not support stylus pen.

Does Nokia T20 have fingerprint sensor?

The Nokia T20 tablet have a fingerprint sensor only face unlock.

Is Nokia T20 water-resistant?

The Nokia T20 is dustproof and water resistant but not really waterproof, so don’t try to swim underwater with the tablet.

Nokia t20 tablet where to buy

Nokia T20 is currently available in the market, and you can buy it in retail stores or online e commerce stores like Amazon, Jumia, Konga AliExpress, Flipkart or even its Used tablets in Jiji. Always check out our promo code page for latest promo codes, updated daily.

Conclusion: Final verdict

In general, the price of the Nokia T20 is reasonable in relation to the market in the United States and its features. It can serve your basic needs for a tablet, whether is editing anything, consuming information, opening work files, or going to elementary school. If you are in need of something that is more productive, you may want to consider purchasing either a tablet that is compatible with a stylus or the Samsung S Pen, or a Chromebook.

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