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Spamcalls. net review, is it safe, legit and free ( 5 facts )

In this post, we will be looking into spamcalls. net review and verify how safe and legit this website can be to its users. Before we go into its safe and legit analysis, including how to use its different features like how to check if a number is spam using spamcalls net, spam number lookup free, and
spam numbers list in We will first explain what this website is all about. Firstly, what call can be regarded as spam calls?

What are spam calls?

In a simple explanation, Spam calls can be defined as unwanted or unsolicited phone calls, typically made by telemarketers or automated systems, that are designed to promote a product or service. These calls can be made to both landlines and mobile phones and can be either live or pre-recorded.

Spam calls can also be extended to include robocalls, which are automated phone calls that use a computerized system to make calls and deliver pre-recorded messages. They can also include scam calls, which are calls made by fraudsters who try to trick people into giving them personal information or money. It is in this latter part of this definition that websites like spamcalls. net comes into play.

Spamcalls. net explanation: owner, origin, function, and features

Since we have analyzed the meaning of spamcalls, now let’s explain all you need to know about spamcalls net before we go into checking how safe and legitimate this website is. We will take this important knowledge each in a subheading.

Owner and origin of spamcalls. net

From our research, there is no public name that is specified as the owner of this website So, I will guess it’s either a community-driven project or the owner just want to keep his or her identity anonymous. This lack of a founder is one of the reasons why this site looks fishy, though we will come to that later.

Also, we can’t find any credible story of how this start started in terms of origin. But, we used dublichecker domain analyzer to analyze this domain and got a few important pieces of information about spamcalls. net.

These informations include; domain age and date of registry. Using this tool we discovered that this site is 4 Years 9 Month 4 Days as of when we wrote this post. The domain was first registered on 2018-04-17, it was updated on 2022-04-16 and will expire on 2023-04-17. So that’s all we know about for now, this post we are updated if we get new information about this website.

The function of spamcalls. net

Coming to the function of this website, its function is not far-fetched from the activities of others like websites that handle phone number lookup against spam though with few differences.

Spam number lookup free websites like spamcalls net, also known as reverse phone lookup or caller ID lookup sites, allow users to enter a phone number and retrieve information about the owner of the number, such as the name, address, and other contact details. These sites can be used to help identify and block unwanted or spam calls.

By entering a phone number in spamcalls. net that has been identified as a spam call, users can find out the name and location of the person or organization behind the call. This information can be used to report the number to the relevant authorities or to add it to a personal block list.

Some number lookup sites also have user-generated databases of phone numbers that have been reported as spam calls, which can be searched and used to block unwanted calls which spamcalls net is not left out in this feature.

Additionally, most number lookup sites including also provide a feature that allows users to submit a phone number and leave comments or reviews about the caller, this way the community can share information about the call and whether it was a spam call or not.

Features in spamcalls. net

Now let’s explain the aforementioned features which are present in spamcalls net and other related websites. In the explanation of each feature, I will drop a brief guide on how to use them.

Report spam number section in spamcalls. com

If you visit this website’s landing page, the first feature you will see is the report number feature which can be accessed by clicking the ” Report spam number” written with white color on a red background.

This section as it is also written there will help you to verify unknown phone numbers, report suspicious calls and identify spam with them together as a community.

Guides on how to use the report scam number in

  1. After you have landed on their front page, click the button written “Report scam number” on a red background.
  2. You will be redirected to a section to enter the suspicious phone number, then click next.
  3. Finally, you will land on a page where you will be required to rate the trustworthiness of the number.
  4. After that, you will be taken to a page where you will identify the sort of call you received with the number. And you will also be provided with a comment section to add more details about the spam call.
  5. Then click save, and it will be added to spamcalls. net.

Searching number section

The section tagged ” Search by Number ” in is the section where you can access previously reported numbers. This can be of great help if you are suspecting any number.

You can type the number in that section and verify if someone has previously reported this number as spam. Below this section is also a drop-down list of numbers with a high rate of spam reports.

Is legit and safe?

Now coming to the question “is spamcalls net legit?” and “is spamcalls net safe?” There are various factors to consider when checking the legitimacy of a website and we are going to analyze these factors below, one after the other.

When analyzing if a website is a scam or looks fishy, we will have to check some factors like its age, domain registration, SSL certificate, most importantly user reviews.

Is safe? Its domain age

This site is about four years plus now, which we have discussed above. Most scam websites cannot stay this long because users will report them and they will be closed down.

Is spamcalls net legit and safe? It’s domain registration

From our research, we found out that the domain of this website “” was registered with Mesh Digital Ltd. And this website also has an SSL certificate. If you are wondering what an SSL certificate is, it is identified by the padlock symbol in your browser before the website Url when you visit any site.

This SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that is used to establish a secure, encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. It is used to authenticate the identity of the website and to ensure that any data transmitted between the server and the browser is secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties.

These SSL certificates are typically issued by a certificate authority and are used to secure online transactions such as online shopping, online banking, and other sensitive information transmissions. It shows that any sensitive information you submit to the site like spamcalls. net is secured.

To identify a domain with this SSL the URL will be in this form, The letter “s” after the “HTTP” signified the presence of SSL in the domain, so this is also another pass mark for spamcalls net.

Review from users and scam-checking websites

Since this website is old which is over 4 years currently, I believe numerous users will speak out if they experience any form of fraud after using the tools on this website.

Apart from the claim made on their homepage, that they have recorded Over 2.4 million user reports
from people worldwide. From our analysis using semrush keyword analyzer, we discovered that over 5,000 people search the key phrase “spamcalls. net” within a month which shows their claims are true. So, if is not legit at least 1000 users out of these millions will speak out and stop them.

So in judging, if this website is safe, I will give it a pass mark of 3/4 or 75% safe and legit. Because the only issue with the website is the absence of a named or defined owner or board of management just like Twitter before Elon Musk purchase it. Not only that, but they also have a contact us page, where you can give them feedback or contact them for any issues.

is spamcalls net free?

I believe this is one of the reasons people are actually questioning the legitimacy of this website. Spamcalls. net is totally free, you don’t have to pay any subscription or answer surveys and tasks. On this site, there is not even an ad display from any advertising network, and even a section for free-will donations is not available on the website.

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From my honest judgment currently, spamcalls. net is safe and legit which is also free. It is very helpful to be mostly in the United States, I said so because from our analysis most of their visitors are from the United States which is over 80%. is safe, feel free to use their website and tools. In case you have had any issues with them previously, speak out below in the comments section so that our team will check out the authentication of your claim and update this post.

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