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Tecno Phantom X2 5G review and prices in India, USA, Australia….

In today’s post,we will carry out the review of the Tecno Phantom X2 review. This phone is one of the latest phones of the Tecno company, which was launched early this year been 9th of January this 2023.

Unboxing of the Tecno Phantom X2

The Tecno Phantom X2 box come with different accessories, which is really great. You will first get the phone, then besides the phone there are various accessories which includes a 45W charger and a Type-A to Type-C USB cable to go along with it.

The cable appears to be standard without any extra pins or anything of the sort, so it could be easily replaced should the need arise. Aside the Charger and cable, the box is also packed with a pair of earbuds which have an in-line microphone.

Just as Tecno company always do, the Phantom X2 is also packed with a free hard case just like their other previous phones. It both looks and feels very good and is generally a notch above almost any other bundled case we are used to seeing. This case also has an integrated kickstand as a bonus feature.

Phantom X2 Design review

Tecno Phantom X2 Camera picture
Image credit to GSMARENA

The design is the same too with Phantom X except you don’t get the attention seeking bright orange finish here. The plastic bag curves into a metal frame. And probably the most stylistic element is the huge square camera on the phone. The Phantom X2 is even a little bit top heavy because of this design.

Just like on the Phantom X2 pro model, There is no in-grass Protection here but at least you get sturdy Gorilla Glass Victus protecting the display.

Tecno Phantom X2 display

This phone is built with a large 6.8 inch curved OLED with a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution and a fast 120 hertz refresh rate. It is just the same display as the Tecno Phantom X2 pro except for one thing which is brightness.

The brightness behavior was much better here in Tecno Phantom X2. We measured the same maximum brightness with the manual slider at 500 nits but on the Phantom X2 the auto brightness can boosted up to 700 nits which you might need outdoors.

The sharpness of the Phantom X2 screen is good and as an OLED is quite contrast. There is no support for HDR video though, and the color accuracy isn’t great. Nevertheless, the screen 120 hertz refresh rate does a nice job of smoothing out your swiping and scrolling.

There’s also support for high frame rate which is good for gaming, and the refresh rate can be lowered down to 60 Hertz to save energy. Generally, I can say the display is good as a flagship phone.

Tecno Phantom X2 Cameras

Coming to cameras, the Tecno Phantom X2 comes with 64MP main camera with a 13MP ultra wide and a depth sensor. Photos which are taken from the main camera come out in 16MP by default and during the day they’re very clean looking with plenty of detail as you can see some samples below.

There’s good contrast and dynamic ranges solid colors are natural looking though a bit more saturation probably wouldn’t hurt. You can shoot in the full 64MP as well and you will get a noticeably more detailed image in this mode at the cost of a larger file size.

Also, portraits from the main camera are quite nice with good subject separation. You don’t get the zoom camera on the non pro Phantom X2. So your option is a digital crop from the main one. These are actually not too bad, comparable to the one pounds photos but maybe just a little bit softer.

Photos from the ultra wide are surprisingly clean and detailed for this sort of camera. Plus the colors are consistent with those from the main camera this camera also has autofocus, so you can take photos of close up subjects. In low light conditions, the main camera of the Tecno Phantom X2 performance is decent.

Tecno Phantom X2 Camera sample
Credits to GSMARENA

There’s a good level of detail true to life colors and the dynamic ranges. Although, the phone struggles with light sources though, which are blown out and there’s a bit too much sharpening throughout the frame.

You can toggle on at night mode or let it kick in automatically. The difference with night mode is not actually huge. You get less sharpening and light sources are arranged in a bit, but they’re often still blown out. There’s some detail but the photos are pretty soft and a bit noisy. Enabling aid mode doesn’t make a big difference. There’s a bit less noise at least.

Coming to Selfies, photos from the 32MP front facing camera are quite great. There’s plenty of detail and sharpness and pleasant colors. The Phantom X2 can record video with this main cam and up to 4k at 60 FPS. The 4k video quality is solid with a good amount of detail.

It’s nice looking colors added an image range which isn’t too wide. The contrast seems to be a bit excessive though. The ultra wide camera is limited to 20p resolution there’s a decent level of detail and vibrant colors. The contrast is again too much though. An EMIC range could be better. Electronic video stabilization works well on both cameras, though we did encounter some focus hunting from time to time.

The phone Performance: Hardware and software

The performance if this phone is also great, it is built on Android 12 which is a heavily customized UI with tons of proprietary features and plenty of pre installed apps too. But it doesn’t feel bloated and actually the overall experience is pretty smooth.

Tecno is also promising two major software updates to the Tecno phantom X2, the phone is quite powerful thanks to a flagship grade MediaTek dimensity 9000 chipset, which works upon a four nanometer process.

It provides great performance rivaling the high end phones running on the Snapdragon 8 plus gen one. Heavy games run great here with no slowdowns and of course your daily tasks are a breeze as well.

Battery, Sound and Storage of the Tecno Phantom X2

The Phantom X2 has a 5160 mAh battery and better life is quite good. The phone was able to earn an interest rating of 110 hours in our tests, predictably about the same as the Phantom X2 Pro. We were able to charge the Tecno Phantom X2 from zero to 62% in half an hour, so it has fast charging.

It doesn’t have stereo speakers and a single speaker is not very impressive loudness. The sound quality is nothing special either, though really sounds good.

Coming to the memory, the Tecno Phantom X2 comes with 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM. The memory is also expandable through microSD card.

Tecno Phantom prices in India, Us, Australia, Canada and so on

Tecno Phantom X2 price just like other gadgets can’t be a fixed price. But in the table below, I will analyze its average price in the respective countries listed in the table. These prices are gotten from our survey and research in these countries.

Country Price
United States $ 720
AustraliaAUD 531
Canada$ 493
United Kingdom EUR 322
Ghana GHS 2,646
South Africa ZAR 10913
CameroonCFA 418750
PakistanRs. 83,999
BangladeshBDT 50,000
Morocco MAD 7,200
AlgeriaDZD 98,640
ItalyEuro 713
Egypt13,452 EGP
Saudi Arabia 1,829 SAR


  • Comes with 5G network support.
  • AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Gorilla Glass Victus protection support.
  • HIOS 12 custom UI support is present.
  • NFC-enabled smartphone.
  • Supports 45W fast charging.
  • Massive 5160 mAh battery capacity.
  • 4K video recording support.
  • Flagship performance chipset support.


  • No reverse or wireless charging support.
  • An optical zoom camera is missing.
  • Without gyro-EIS support.
  • Outdated USB Type C 2.0 charging port.
  • Without a micro SD card slot.
  • The latest Android 13 OS is not present.
  • Average camera performance in low light.

Final Verdict

I believe you are satisfied with this Tecno Phantom X2 review, if you have any other questions you can add them in the comments section. I will actually say that the phone is great for its price range.

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