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Tecno Spark 8 Review best user opinion

In this post we bring to you the Tecno Spark 8 review, though this phone is launched by the Tecno company without any formal social media launching. Firstly is the box of this phone that is like the iphone 12 box though longer than the iphone 12 box, so let’s get straight to the full Tecno Spark 8 review.

TECNO Spark 8 review : The Content of the box

The box contains a plastic silicone case that fits perfectly fine for this device as Casen protector for the phone, next is a charger and also microUSB charging cable, there is also a warranty card that shows this phone has 12 months warranty plus an ear pierce. Then finally is this tecno spark 8 which am reviewing next.

TECNO Spark 8 Review: Body and design

This tecno spark 8 which is about 164.8 by 76.1 by 9.2 millimeters in dimension is built with great new design which comes with a super shiny and attractive classic back with a hitch cut out for it to come around the fingerprint scanner. This is a huge top notch and branding and the last part logo as well. I can possibly say it looks beautiful. On the rest of the device, you’ve got the power button and the volume rocker keeps it simple and attempt to analyse the microSD card.

At the bottom we’ve got a headphone jack, a microUSB charging port and a microphone. On top we have a led light and at the back is the quad camera and fingerprint scanner, the only problem with it is that the surface area of the fingerprint scanner is a little too small. And if you are someone who possess large fingers you might have difficulty in unlocking this tecno Spark 8.

Moving to the front of the phone, it comes with 6.5 inch HD plus display which is really a top notch, it displays a 720 by 1600 resolution with 269 pixels pH density to brightness. One of the cons about this screen is that sunlight readability isn’t perfectly accurate. But this screen is great for playing games and watching YouTube videos.

TECNO spark 8 review: Platform and Memory

This TECNO spark 8 comes in with Helio mediatek octacore CPU with an Internal memory of 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM and 2GB RAM, 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM  RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. Built on Android 11 Go with a whooping 5000 milliamp hour battery, apart from the battery all of that doesn’t sound interesting, right? But the surprising part is that for basic task like subway games it handles it perfectly, this phone is not good for playing call of Duty mobile or PUBG for lower RAMs.

Frankly speaking it can only handle games like Candy Crush and subway or basically other games in the same class. For the Tecno Spark 8 lower RAM it should definitely suffer if you have too many background apps. Some will automatically close due to limited amount of RAM but most of the time it is responsive for web browsing and mostly basic tasks.

TECNO Spark 8 review : Camera, Sound and Other Amazing features

Tecno Spark 8 speaker comes with a single speaker which is located at the top part of the display though not really loud. It is not loud and it doesn’t offer a quick little experience. However, it is still okay for an average person, but is certainly not great. It would have been better if there was another speaker at the bottom.

The phone’s camera is 16 megapixels main and 8 megapixel selfie camera, with an AI sensor and a VGA sensor mostly for low light detection. It was packed and can be located in the center. How ever it is not mind blowing. But most average people will like this camera, for the price the images are very okay in some good details.

In some cases high dynamic range is good and color reproduction is descent to edge detection, in portrait it is also good but it is not something you should rely on. On the front side, the eight megapixel selfie shooter is decent as well. It comes with a flashlight for night selfies. It also shoot video in 1080p resolution.

Tecno Spark 8 review: Battery

The Tecno spark 8 is built with 5000 milliamp hour battery and there is no fast charger included in the box and it is obvious that at this price point you’ll barely see a device that will convert faster than this. However the battery can last for approximately two days when fully charged upto 2hours 15 minutes to charge from zero to 100% fully charge.

Tecno Spark 8 FAQ

Is Tecno spark 8 worth buying?

TECNO spark 8 review

From my review the tecno spark 8 which is priced 55,000 to 60,000 naira is worth buying at that price because of it’s great battery and camera actually worth that price.

How much is Tecno Spark 8 now in market?

Tecno Spark 8 is Currently priced for at least 55,000 naira for the lowest RAM. Check our post Tecno Spark 8 price for full price and availability.

Does Tecno Spark 8 have fingerprint?

Yes the TECNO Spark 8 have a finger print located at it’s rear side beside it’s camera rear camera which is very responsive but low in surface area.

What is the camera of Tecno Spark 8?

The Tecno Spark 8 is made up of 16 MP rear camera with an 8 MP selfie camera.

Summary of Tecno Spark 8 review

So in conclusion the Tecno Spark 8 is an entry level device that is geared towards first time smartphone buyers or people that need it for two years as a backup device. It’s performance is on average, the 64 gigabyte of storage and the impressive 5000 milliamp hour battery will be pleasing to those that might want to get it. What do you think about this phone drop your opinions in Comment section, thanks for visiting Gtechblogs.

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