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Tecno Spark 9 pro review KH7 , it’s prices ( Ghana, South Africa…) Including screen and body parts replacement

Today we will be reviewing the Tecno Spark 9 pro, it’s best features ann both the Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Ghana and other places like South Africa, Pakistan and other countries. Firstly we will analyze a full Review of this phone features both cons and pros, then it’s vital body parts price before it’s price in different places.

Tecno Spark 9 pro unboxing or Review

Spark 9 Pro actually has the same the same design as the Tecno Camon 19, This phone has a beautiful design a full HD plus. It comes with 4GB of RAM that can be expanded to 7 GB of RAM through memory fusion. It features a 5000mAh battery. It has 32MP selfie camera on the front and a 50MP camera mount at the rear which is the main camera. That’s a tip of an iceberg let’s go fully into this phone review.

The Phone’s box Content

Immediately after opening the box the first thing you’re going to see is the smartphone. It comes in four colors which the most popular color is the quantum black. After that you will see a warranty card, a plastic case for your phone’s and micro USB type C cable, a SIM injector pin and 18W charger that charges the Tecno Spark 9 pro from zero to 100% in two hours, 15 minutes though is slow by today’s standards.

Spark 9 pro built and design

tecno spark 9 pro pics

The Tecno Spark 9 Pro has a plastic wrap the lower parts it doesn’t matter if fingerprints or smudges but the shiny parts does with all the case, this smartphone is a little bit slippery. It has a plastic frame and glass at the front with no corner gorilla glass protection. It’s constant theme screen protector already installed on the display box that will not even save it from a fall.

Going to the features on the right side it has a dual 4G SIM card and memory card tray at the top. There’s nothing now moving to the bottom it has a 2.5 mm audio jack and microphone USB type C port and a mono speaker for the sound quality of the speaker, is really cool but it lacks bass. Now taking a look at the right side you’ll see the volume and power buttons the power button also doubles as the fingerprint scanner, the unlocking speed is fast but the animation slows it down. The Tecno Spark 9 Pro also has the face unlock feature.

Now moving to the rear, it has three camera sensors but only one of them works monitor and also by the side of the cameras it has a LED flashlight now turning the smartphone around it has a 32 megapixel selfie camera with a flash LED lights next to it the only the light also comes on when you’re touching this smartphone.

Tecno Spark 9 pro Display

Now let’s talk about the display of the Tecno Spark 9 Pro has a 6.6 inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2450 pixels. It has a screen to body ratio of 90% and the bezels at the sides are slim but the one at the bottom is the display. It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz which is a let-down because a lot of people do prefer panels that have a higher refresh rates once you start using a smartphone that has 90 or 120 hertz refresh rate guys is no going back.

For the Spark 9 pro brightness I got a really low 424 nits which isn’t great because under direct sunlight outdoors you’re going to struggle a bit to be able to see the display clearly. Moving to consuming media. Well, it does a good job to an extent, I mean it has a 1080 panel and the colors look very vibrant. And contrast. Although it’s an IPS panel.That’s for the screen let’s move over to it’s Performance.

The phone Cameras

The spark nine Pro comes with a 32 MP selfie camera and it takes good pictures in a properly lit environment. The way it shows skin tone is really cool. HDR mode has been improved and now you can take good looking pictures outdoors portrait shots are good but it lacks HDR overall 32MP selfie camera does a very good job especially in properly lit environments. The selfie video camera can be shot in 2k 30 Hertz per seconds which is the highest refresh rate.

Now moving to the rear camera, it’s constantly 50MP main camera and 2MP depth camera and another camera that only God knows what it does. So as you can see guys it has one usable camera. The pictures of this rear camera is good for the price range of this smartphone is very good photo shots looks awesome. Night photos are great on this phone and I would say the main camera does a very good job overall considering the price of the smartphone.

Tecno Spark 9 pro performance

For performance of spark 9 Pro comes with a MediaTek Helio G85 processor. MediaTek Helio G85 is a 12 nanometer processor that offers sustained and smooth performance and when I ran through the benchmark I got a score of 210k for contest. Yes the answer to score ranking. And really it’s at the bottom but that’s to be expected because it’s a budget smartphone and not the performance based stuff. Coming to Spark 9 pro Geekbench score. Tecno spark 9 pro antutu score is 200.000 and this is better than 67% of phones.

It has a single score of 367 and a multi core score of 1295 which is what we expect. Now this version comes with 4GB of RAM and true memory fusion the RAM can be expanded to 7GB of RAM memory potential uses a portion of the storage to improve the performance of the smartphone it doesn’t make a difference, though little bits.

Using this smartphone does feel slow ( you experience this mostly if you have used higher phones previously) and that’s because of the Display Refresh Rate at 60 Hertz. It’s not like the smartphone is slow. Don’t get me wrong it’s just that at 60 hits switching between the absolute and app seems slow. Is Tecno Spark 9 pro good for gaming?

For gaming the Tecno spark 9 pro comes with mali G GPU. I went around and play PUBG and it played the game at HD graphics and high frame rates. The gameplay was smooth. The gameplay was totally playable on the smartphone. When I played Call of Duty which is one of young gamers favourites it’s run the game on medium graphics and high frame rates now moving to Gunshen impact it run the game with the file size of 13GB. Although it run the game at the lowest graphics settings. The Tecno Spark 9 pro is good for gaming, though not too good.

Coming to it’s network is very fast 2G,3G and 4G networks there is no record of 5G. I do see post of Tecno spark 9 pro 5g, and think the Tecno Spark 9 pro will come with 5G.

Battery Review of Tecno Spark 9 pro

The Tecno Spark 9 Pro comes with a 5000mAh battery capacity, and from my usage it did very well. The battery life of smartphones have been improved on battery in that of spark 9 Pro is good. The charging time however is slow. And here’s the breakdown. It will take 2 hours, 15 minutes to charge the smartphone from zero to 100%.

Coming to some special features like is tecno spark 9 pro waterproof? I will give yes for an answer but that is for maximum of 1 minute. Ones it fall into water quickly bring it out and dry it.

For images, full TECNO spark 9 pro Specs and Comparisons Check here

Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Nigeria
Check out full specs of TECNO Spark 9 pro

Price of body parts and replacement of Tecno Spark 9 pro.

As I do say that is not all about buying phones, what if the phone break down? Now let’s check some vital parts of Tecno Spark 9 Pro price. The parts will be it’s screen and touch pad then battery.

Tecno spark 9 pro screen replacement and price

When you buy this smartphone after some time if you start facing screen issue and problem on this phone then immediately find a solution to solve and fix it. Is not advisable to let the phone screen damaged for too long, in addition to your comfort as a user, of course, also to prevent any further damage on your smartphone.

Spark 9 pro has a sophisticated screen panel and is actually protected thanks to the presence of a screen protector technology called Corning Gorilla Glass which is present in this phone.

However, this does not guarantee that factory default problems can be avoided. Some or most of the problematic units must be repaired, on your side or even by technical staff. Below I will analyze common Tecno Spark 9 pro screen replacement issues and their solution.

Tecno Spark 9 Pro Frozen Screen Won’t Turn Off

Sometimes you may have been distracted while using your phone, and this might be when playing games, chatting, browsing, or even streaming, suddenly your Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen or any other phones’ freezes and is stuck and can’t be used at all. To prevent this from happening.

Make sure about 20% of the total ROM capacity is available, in this case we are talking about Android phones, then manual optimization needs to be done in the long run.

Internal Storage Memory that is already full can also cause the phone’s performance to be messy, especially your Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen issues that often lags, frozen, hangs, though not minding the screen refresh rate.

Tecno Spark 9 Pro Vertical and Horizontal Lines on Screen Problem

Most atimes white vertical and horizontal lines on a device or phone screen can be caused if your phone was hit or pressed by a heavy or hard object, but if this is not the case then you can use any of the following methods as there are different methods to solve this.

Get your Tecno Spark 9 pro into Safe Mode

The first way to fix lines on screen that you can try is to restart your phone first, then proceed with entering ‘Safe Mode’. What’s the purpose?

Safe mode serves to track the performance of its operating system and find a diagnosis if there is a problem in UI or Android system.

By doing safe mode, if there are cracks or lines on Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen in the software, the system will immediately send a signal or notification.

To enter safe mode on Tecno Spark 9 Pro is: Press and hold power button until a pop up menu appears on the screen. Press and hold power off button until another pop up appears.

Select OK to allow reboot on smartphone into Safe mode feature, after that the phone is automatically getting in to safe mode easily, now you can do next step to fix them.

If you can’t find the pop up menu, or the first way to solve the horizontal lines on screen above doesn’t work at all, you can find a way that fits the phone version.

Since there are usually different types of phones and different version of firmware, there will also be different ways to get into safe mode on Android.

Damaged and Dead Pixel Tecno Spark 9 Pro Screen

On Android, there are some apps that have been developed to be a way to solve lines across phone screen or other problems. For example like Dead Pixels Test and Fix. This app works by detecting damaged pixels, then eliminating them until they become as if they were still normal.

This can also be a solution for you guys, who have experiencing lines on phone screen. Here are the steps: Install the Dead Pixels Test and Fix app.

Open the app as usual. Tap Check Dead Pixels and Fix Dead Pixels to start repairing. If you have, you just need to wait and the results will be visible soon.

Fix Tecno Spark 9 Pro Shadow Screen Issue

If a shaded screen appears after you have used your phone for a few hours, for example playing an online game, then this is probably due to Tecno Spark 9 Pro overheating problem. I’ve been saying this numerous times, users need avoid any overheat battery, this can cause more damage to your phone even to its screen.

To fix it, just cool down your Tecno Spark 9 Pro and turn it off for some time. If the battery is removable, it is better to remove it first. This will give the screen a rest, each pixel discharges electricity and returns to its original state. So that the shadow screen can disappear.

Green Screen and Flickering

Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen is flickering? It can be caused by flexible or loose screen ports due to shaking or dropping. To fix this, we can press the screen, hopefully (relying on luck) LCD or flexible cable will re-unite with the motherboard inside the phone.

However, you have to be careful and understand the risks, besides being able to repair, this also has potential to give even more damage on your phone screen, for example, such as breaking or even completely can’t be used whatsoever. So for this method, it must be wiser.

Fix Ghost Touch Tecno Spark 9 Pro Problem

A smartphone screen moving by itself is no longer a new problem these days, it’s becoming common issue since a lot of phones already experiencing the same, users called this as Tecno Spark 9 Pro Ghost Touch.

There are several reasons behind the phone screen moving on its own. One of them is damaged screen or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). We are certainly get used to it and know the issue. Check the section and make sure its condition.

The phone screen is prone to problems. If water splashes into the phone, this can cause the screen to move by itself. To solve problems like this, of course you have to replace the LCD with a new one. This will also help to prevent additional Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen problem from spreading to other parts of your phone.

Screen Not Responding

A static electricity can cause Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen not responding and touchscreen to error even causing black and white screen, the way to solve it is to simply press power button and turn it back on.

Om the other note phone screen could be exposed to water, there are times when water that covers the surface of phone screen can also cause a static effect and reduce screen responsiveness to even not responding at all. To fix this one is dry the screen, press the power button and try turning it back on.

Go and buy a new Tecno Spark 9 pro screen for replacement ( it’s price )

If the first to the last method doesn’t work at all, it’s possible that hardware damage has occurred so that Tecno Spark 9 Pro screen issues is permanent. It isn’t normal even if your phone is more than a year old. So it’s time to replace the screen by bringing it to authorized service center. Make sure you choose an official service center to get original screen replacement and any original spare parts. The price of Tecno spark 9 pro screen replacement price in Nigeria is around NGN 15,000 that is about $30 and its price in Ghana is around 240 Ghana cedis.

Tecno Spark 9 battery replacement price

Another Important part of a phone that can damage is it’s battery, so the price of Tecno spark 9 pro battery replacement should be around NGN 6000 or $20, in Ghana it will not be over 161.07 Ghana Cedis.

Tecno Spark 9 pro price in different locations

In this price analysis we will start from Tecno Spark 9 current price in Ghana and end in south Africa, though for Nigeria the spark 9 pro goes for 99,800 Naira or $165 in United States dollars and that should be it’s price in Amazon. Tecno spark 9 pro 128GB price in nigeria should be around 100,000 naira, should also answer for people that search ” tecno spark 9 pro how much in nigeria” though that’s by the way.

Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Ghana is GHS 1,785.
Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Kenya is Ksh. 20,800.
Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Sierra Leone is Sierra Leonean Leone 2,054,675.
Tecno Spark 9 pro price in Cameroon is CFA107,000.
Tecno Spark 9 pro price in bangladesh is BDT 19,000.
Tecno spark 9 pro price in tanzania is TZS 400,000.
Tecno Spark 9 price in south Africa is ZAR 2,100.

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