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UNICARD review: benefits of the account system and where to use free ( Pay 1/3rd Card )

In our today’s post, I am going to explain all you need to know about Unicard or popularly called the Pay 1/3rd Card, both its account, system, and some tutorial like how to use unicard points to pay for dominos.

On 7th April 2010, a card was issued to a man in Georgia with which he can make purchases within different stores. The card issued to him is called a Unicard, it is popularly called the Pay 1/3rd Card. So what is a Unicard? Before answering this question, I will like to share a brief history of this card.

History and founder of Uni card ( the Pay 1/3rd )

In 2009, Universal Card Corporation was established. Then on April 7, 2010, the first UNICARD was released in Georgia. Since 2011, UNICARD has become accessible across Georgia, not just in the nation’s capital Tbilisi.

In 2015, Universal Card Corporation released its first ever launched mobile application. It is compatible with cellphones running the Android and iPhone operating systems. A mobile application was developed to make the use of the loyalty card more convenient. The user receives a virtual card, which makes collecting and using points more enjoyable.

The app displays the places where UNICARD point collection is possible. Utilizing a mobile application, UNI CARD holders may manage their transactions, instantly obtain a virtual card, collect and redeem points using the card, convert points into attractive presents, locate locations to collect points, and receive news and exclusive offers.

According to data from the year 2015, the Universal Card Corporation distributed 1 600 000 UNICARDs in total over a total of five years, expanding its partnership network by bringing together more than 200 businesses in its loyalty card program.

Actually unicard was established or founded by Nitin Gupta, Co-founder of PayU and former CEO of Ola Financial Services, and Prateek Jindal, who founded Ola Money Postpaid. The Pay 1/3rd Card has been doing great ever since then.

Unicard review ( What is Unicard or what is a Unicard )

Actually in straight or brief explanation, Uni card can be explained as a credit card that allows you to use multiple cards in one account. This can be a great way to save money on your borrowing costs and can also be a way to earn rewards and bonus points.

This is also an electronic identification in the form of a credit card and is being distributed by the University of Bern under the name UNICARD. Students can use it as their student identification card, while staff can use it as their personal identification card. The UNI CARD can function not just as a student’s identification card but also as a library card, a means of payment, or an access badge in addition to its primary role. Not only in Georgia including bangalore in India and Texas.

How Unicard system works and is the Pay 1/3rd Card lifetime free

This new system of payment generally make payment easier. Normally your banks or credit card issuer will charge you extra fees if you did not pay your bill on time, that’s one of the main benefits of making use of the Unicard system.

With the introduction of the new pay later card, consumers now have the opportunity to divide their monthly bill into three equal portions, each of which can be paid over the course of the subsequent three months at no additional charge.

The introduction of this system was announced by Uniorbit in collaboration with RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), and Liquiloans. This UNI Pay 1/3rd card is of great mostly to students and case of emergency. Many people do mistake the Unicard for a visa because it is used as identification for students likewise payment.

I do see questions like is Visa Unicard? But the main fact is that PayUnicard as the first financial technology company situated in Georgia offered UNIcard Visa which is linked to an e-wallet along with a Unicard bonus card. And one advantage of using this card when paying with an international prepaid Visa card is that during the transaction, UNIPoints are collected and this is valid wherever you see a Visa logo all over the world. So the Unicard is the same as a Visa card.

The format in which this Pay 1/3rd Card work is by dividing the payment into three parts. For instance, if your bill is $3000, then you will pay $1000 for the first, second, and third months respectively. If you are asking if the Uni card is lifetime free, as for now, it is still unlimited and free of charge unless a new update changes this.

This card, just like every other credit card and pay later card, comes with a predetermined credit limit and this limit varies. If you choose to make a payment equal to one-third of your total balance, your credit limit for the following month will be decreased by the same amount as your total amount of past-due bills. Your credit limit will gradually be restored as you continue to pay off your monthly bills in full. For the time being, neither an enrollment fee nor an annual payment is required.

Where to use unicard and sites that accept visa cards

The Uni card can be used at all online websites or merchant outlets where visa cards are valid, in other words, sites or merchant stores that accept Visa cards.

The Top Ten sites that accept visas and Unicard include:


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Unicard Benefits or benefits of using the Pay 1/3rd Card

There are many benefits of using Uni card, but I will analyze the few most vivid and important ones.

  1. Uni card can be used for both payments of bills and as an identity card.
  2. It reduces the load of paying your bill, as your bills can be split into three installments.
  3. It is free of charge, meaning you don’t need to pay any charges.


The Unicard is very vital to students mostly, is free of charge, and helps in paying your bills in milestones free of charge unlike your regular banks and card issuers. Always check Gtechblogs for gadget and tech contents.

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