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Tecno pova 5G price in Nigeria and full Review

Right here in this post we present the full details of the new tecno pova 5g Price in Nigeria and it’s fast feature . Many people always ask “does Tecno have 5g?”, here is the answer. The tecno pova 5g is the first smartphone from tecno to come with a 5g modem. Even though we don’t have 5g available in some countries like Nigeria. It’s also the first from the tecno brand to use the MediaTek dimensity chipsets as fans do as “What is the processor in POVA 5G?”.

This dimensity 900 chipset is a six nanometer processor and to give you an idea just how powerful it is, just compare it with the answer to the score of the Samsung Galaxy A 52, and Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now hold on before Samsung and redmi fans fill offended. This Tecno pova 5g has its flaws which I’ll get to in a bit but with eight gigabytes of RAM that can be expanded to 11 gigabytes of RAM and UFS of 3.1 fast storage is this tecno pova 5g What upgrading into? Well, let’s find out in the unboxing experience.

Tecno pova 5g Unboxing

The box of the tecno pova 5g is tall and I mean really tall. This smartphone first comes in one color which is aether black and it looks good with this column checkout, it comes with premium plastic case that fits the smartphone well. It also comes with a warranty card headphones SIM card ejector two USB type C cable and an 18 Watts fast charger for the charging time it took two hours forty four minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to 100% .

Body and dimensions of this tecno pova 5g

For the beauty and quality of this pova 5g, it has a plastic radar which scratches easily so I recommend you use the premium plastic case that comes with the sides which are also made from plastic and the front doesn’t have corner gorilla glass protection. Now moving on to the external features the tecno pova 5g has a microphone at the top on the left side it has a wall Nano SIM card and memory card tray moving to the bottom it has a 3.5 mm audio jack another microphone, a USB type C port and a mono speaker speaker on a smartphone.

Other body features of this pova 5g and it’s camera

On the right side is where the volume keys on the power button slash fingerprint scanner are located for the unlock speed it’s instant. This smartphone also has the face unlock feature and it works in the dark as well. Now moving to the well detector over 5g It has three cameras a 50 megapixel main camera, a two megapixel depth camera and a QVGA camera so essentially it has only one main camera the other cameras can take pictures, it also has a LED light packet where flipping the smartphone around the tecno pova 5g has a 16 megapixel selfie camera and flash LED lights.

Display of tecno pova 5g

Now let’s talk about the display the tecno pova 5g has a massive 6.9 inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels The display has a refresh rate of 120 hertz and it taught sampling rate of one at an 80 hertz for peak brightness I got a reading of 390 nerds so with all the technical jargons aside what is it like using the display on the smartphone?

Well the first thing to look into is the display size, is big some people will like it while some will detest it. This phone does have the one hand feature to make things manageable for consuming media. The display is good it supports HDR 10 and HDRHLG, the IPS LCD display on the pova 5g isn’t as contrast as OLED displays but for an IPS LCD panel. It’s actually very good.

Performance of the tecno pova 5g

Now let’s talk about performance of this pova 5g, this phone comes with a MediaTek dimensity 900 processor. It is a six nanometer processor that delivers good performance and offers good power efficiency and snappier application response time for the GPU it comes with the mallet GP 68, for ram it comes with eight gigabyte of RAM that can be expanded to 11 gigabyte of RAM by enabling memory fusion which uses a portion of this phone storage to increase the RAM and for storage. It comes standard with 128 gigabytes.

How good is the tecno pova 5g for playing games?

So how is it like gaming on tecno pova 5g or playing PUBG game on HD graphics and medium framerate. I was actually expecting more since this is a gaming smartphone. The gameplay is okay, the big display is really making the game immersive. For Call of Duty he played the game of medium graphics and very high frame rates to gameplay was fluid.

Now moving on to one of the most demanding games on mobile “Ganeshan impact” the tecno pova 5g was able to play the game on the highest graphics settings and even at 60 fps but there was a bit of lag on the lower sets in store the gameplay was smooth as a gaming smartphone. The Tecno pova 5g is decent but I expected more on PUBG and Call of Duty at higher graphics settings and high frame rates like the Poco Extreme Pro since they are about the same price for multitasking well the pova 5g is impressive. Honestly I ran out of applications to open I had three grade A games on the browser was open YouTube was open and it didn’t reload any application.

Hardware Features of this Tecno pova 5g

For the operating system with pova 5g running Android 11 With iOS version eight with Android 12 update. I mean it has the hardware requirements but your guess is as good as mine now navigating the user interface is spot us most thanks to the processor RAM and a 120 hertz refresh rate. This smartphone is snappy and very responsive for bloatware I counted 24 bloatware on the tecno pova 5g Luckily, you can uninstall some of them. And for ads Yes, you do get them and you can also disable them from the Notification Center.

Now something I’m not really fond of is zero screen and sometimes you find inappropriate content on there. Now to disable this present empty part of the screen tap on the dekstop Settings Tap on order settings on tick zero screen now for the special features to tecno pova 5g has to use, well it has peak proof to prevent the next person from viewing your screen it has tapped a lot that brings out when the charger or the earphones has been disconnected from the smartphone.

It has smart panel for quick access to volume apps and tools. It has game space where you can do a lot of things to improve your gaming experience like increasing the footstep sound to know where players are and optimizing game graphics for the front facing camera. The Tecno Pova 5g has a 16 megapixel camera and the picture it captures are sharp details I mean the skin tone. It’s nice it looks like Tecno really improved portrait shots which are also very sharp but usable overall the front facing camera on the top over 5g is impressive.

The video and audio quality coming from the tecno pova 5g are superb, it has two microphones one at the top and one on the bottom. So I’m guessing the sound quality is better. The 50 megapixel main camera has good photo look and colorful, which I prefer portrait shots are very impressive as well using the 50 megapixel main camera. Honestly it looks like technology step down their game in the camera department. Overall the camera on the smartphone is good for videos.

The tecno pova 5g can shoot in 4k 30 frames per second. The first thing you will notice is at 4k 30 frames per second it doesn’t have video stabilization, for that you will need to hit the ultra steady mode and that will drop the video resolution to 10 at 30 frames per second for videos captured well it’s colorful which I prefer and overall it’s not bad. The tecno pova 5g is packed in a massive 6000mAh battery and good luck trying to kill that battery in one day for the charging time cause is not possible. It took the smartphone two hours forty four minutes to charge from zero to 100% while the smartphone was turned off.

Availability and tecno pova 5g price in Nigeria

This will answer the question “Is Tecno Pova 5G available in Nigeria?” and “how much is tecno pova 5g in Nigeria”.
Now for the price, the tecno pova 5g goes for 147,000 Naira or $257 and is available for purchase in retail stores and e-commerce sites like Jumia and Amazon.

We will be concluding the tecno pova 5 review here, thanks for visiting our site GTechblogs, drop your comment below also share.
What entice you most about this new phone?
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