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Apple Event March 2022: New Products

Apple is rumored to be holding an apple event on March 8th, according to Mark Gurman, to announce some brand apple new products. So in our today’s article we will not only be sharing one not two, not four, but five Apple latest apple new products to be expecting in 2022. Do you expect the number five?

First apple new product : IPHONE SE 3

Iphone SE 3

We have the iPhone SE 3 as the first in this list but don’t really know if it will be the first to be released. This has been directly mentioned by Mark Gurman and his report, so I’m going to give this one a one 100% chance of actually happening in March. Plus, the iPhone SE 2 came out in April of 2020. So it is about time that we got a new model. The design is said to remain identical to the iPhone SE 2 design, which already borrowed the iPhone 8’s designs, which already used the iPhone 6’s front, a phone that was released back in 2014.

The chip is said to be upgraded to either the A14 or even the 15, as when the SE 2 launched. Apple’s most powerful chip at a time, which was the A13. The camera is also said to be upgraded. It would still be a single camera module and since there isn’t enough room in this body for the iPhone 13’s module, I expect this to be either the same module as the iPhone 12 or even the same module as on this iPhone SE 2, but with improvements to image processing thanks to the Apple A15 chip. On top of this, it is set to feature 5G Network. Now I am a bit worried in terms of the battery life here, as the iPhone 12 Mini was already known to have a very poor battery life due to how small it was.

And since the iphone 12 Mini actually had a larger battery than the iPhone SE 2 by quite a noticeable margin. The iphone SE 3 isn’t said to be getting any thicker, so it will likely retain the same battery size as the iPhone X two, which does get me quite worried. But regardless, if you have always been a fan of this iconic design with a physical home button, now you can get an even better camera, even better performance, as well as 5G network.

Apple Event second event : IPAD AIR 5

Mac mini

In the event the second device is the iPad Air 5 and just like the iPhone SE 2. This one has also been mentioned in Mark Gurman reports, and since it too hasn’t been updated since the year 2020, I am giving this a 100% chance of happening as well. The main change here would be the upgraded chip, which will be bumped to the A15 from the A14. A 5G is also said to be added to the seller model and on top of this, I also expect the cameras to be upgraded to more specifically, the front facing camera, which saw the addition of center stage on the 2021 iPads. This will be added to the Beta two. Now I do wish that Apple would drop the price of the air and right now it is only $200 less than the iPad Pro. It does, of course, come with a lot of features when compared to the iPad Pro, like the 120 Hertz promotion display, Face ID, the M1 chip Thunderbolt, the improved cameras.

But I just feel like the $200 difference compared to the Pro is just not enough. I do think that Apple should lower the price by at least another one hundred dollars, although that wouldn’t happen as then it would be the same price as the iPad Mini. Mark Gurman also reported that similar Macs will be coming at this March 8th event. And on top of this tech website called TSAWAK found out that Apple has registered three new Macs in the Eurasian economic database, or EEC, with model numbers 8261582686826812 of which are said to be desktops, while one is said to be a laptop.

Third Apple new product: MAC MINI

Mac mini

In our number three we have the new Mac Mini, which I’m also giving a 100% chance of happening. It is also rumored to feature a complete redesign built from the ground up with Apple Silicon in mind, as opposed to the current M1 Mac Mini, which simply recycled the Old 2018 design. This new design has been leaked by Jon Prosser before, and I got to say it does look pretty sleek with glass on the top and an aluminium frame around it, and I do predict that it might actually come in the same colours as the 2020 M1 iMac. On top of this, Mark Gurman reports that there will be two new Mac Mini models this year which includes a regular and a pro version.

I do believe the one that will be announced at the event to be the pro version, one that comes with Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. These chips have already proven to be incredibly powerful, with significant advancements over the M1 and the GPU department. This will make the new Mac Mini. Probably the best Mac to get if you want the best possible performance without spending a lot of money.

Apple event rumours: IMAC PRO

Imac pro

The pro version that is the only mac still running on Intel chips. The announcement of this new iMac Pro at the March event has actually not been mentioned by Mark Gurman and then Ross Young, who so far has a 100% track record, has also stated that we could see this new iMac Pro in June. But considering that Apple already has the M1 Pro and M1 Macs chips ready to go. And we’ve also seen that EEC filing, which did points towards two new Mac desktop computers. There is still a small chance that we might see it at this event.

Reason why I wanted to mention it, although I think the chance is relatively low, 20% is what I can say. This would finally update a 27 inch model to have the same design that we got last year with the 24 inch M1 iMac. The display is also said to be a mini LED promotion panel, with either a 27 inch size, 30 inch size or 32 inch. I would put my money on a 30 inch panel. There is no denying that this would be the best display for content creators out there, even better than the Pro Display XDR. In terms of the dimming zones and of course, the cost, it will likely be thicker than the 24 inch iMac to accommodate for this new mini-LED display and even the updated specs, which could include a more powerful version of the M1 Macs with up to 12 CPU cores.

According to leaker, Bill indicates last tweets after which his account was mysteriously taken down. Even though I do prefer using MacBooks myself over something like an iMac, I do think that its new iMac will be an outstanding deal for content creators. As you not only get the power of Apple’s M1 Macs chip, but you also get a state of the art display. And on top of this, that M1 Macs will also be able to run faster than inside a 60 inch MacBook Pro thanks to more thermal headroom. And we would also get more reports with likely four Thunderbolt four ports instead of three and potentially some USB-A ports. Two on top of 10 gig ethernet.

Apple new products last is : 14 INCHES MACBOOK PRO

14 inches macbook pro

Remember the EEC filing that showed three new Macs? Well, one of those was a laptop, and I think that if we are to see a new MacBook, it would make the most amount of sense for us to see the new 14 inch model that I was talking about. This would basically be a replacement to the 13 inch M1 MacBook Pro that Apple is still selling to this day, something that is more affordable than the current 14 inch that starts from $2000. This model is said to keep the same design as the 40 inch MacBook Pro, but drop the mini-LED promotion display in favour of a more standard non promotion non-military display so similar to what we have at the moment.

The only problem with this is that Apple would need to unveil the M2 chip before launching the new MacBook Pro, obviously, and I just don’t see them launch the M2 at a March event, as Apple Silicon has always been announced in the June at the IWC or in September or October or November. It’s never been announced in March, especially as we’ve only had the M1 Pro and the M1 Macs James introduced in November. So I just don’t see this happening in March. I’m going to give it a 0% chance of us seeing this new MacBook. I might be wrong, though I still want to mention it, as there have been some rumors that do point towards this new MacBook Pro coming in March. But let me know in the comments.


These new products have high chances of being launched after apples March event these 2022, so which of these new products are you most excited to see? Which will you purchase let us know in the comments section below this post, thanks for visiting Gtechblogs.


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