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OPPO FIND N2 review and best price ( US, UK Australia..)

In this post, I will drop a review about the Oppo find N2 review and its price in the different parts of the world. One bad news about this phone is that it is only coming to the Chinese market which is a real disappointment because I love this phone although this can change later. If you are in a haste you can quickly get all it specs at a glance here in OPPO FIND N2 price in Nigeria.

This phone was launched on the 15th of December in 2022, and is currently available in the public market from 23rd of the same month and year for individual purchases. So let’s check out what this phone is made up of, starting from the box content of this phone.

OPPO FIND N2 review and unboxing: what’s in the box?

When you open the box you will discover that OPPO Find N comes in a premium all-black packaging box with a matte finish. The box opens on hinges, lifting then you get to the Find N2 foldable smartphone neatly placed. Also, in the box beside the phone are the neatly packed 33W fast charger, with a USB-C cable, and a couple of user manuals or guide including a case cover for body protection.

The phone’s body design: what’s new in the Oppo find N2?

Oppo Find N2 body design
New flex design

Firstly, we have this new Flexi on hinges which is a second generation hinge and it’s the first thing you’ll notice because it is smoother, more precise and less clunky. They have actually reduced the number of components in the hinge by 38 and it can stay open at pretty much any angle unlike the previous Oppo N. I will also say the crease down in the middle is also now less noticeable.

Not only the hinges, you will also notice that the Oppo N2 has gone on a bit lighter. It has gone down from the 275 grams down to 237 grams lighter and you can really feel it in your hands. This is actually seven grams lighter, despite being a folding phone than an iPhone 14 Promax. It is also a half percent thinner when closed , so it’s a little bit less chunky but really what you’ll notice apart than its lighter weight is its layout.

They have moved the volume rocker to above the power button now on the same side, which actually is quite a nice change because it leaves the left side completely clear. So actually, if you were holding it with your left hand previously your hand firmly resting on the soft sticky out the volume rocker, but now it’s nice and smooth.

The power button also doubles as a fingerprint. We do also get face unlocking as well and also the switch to this mate aluminium material which does give a slightly more iPhone version but it certainly does look and feel more premium than before. The Oppo find N2 also come with a dual speakers and it uses Gorilla Glass fixtures on the front and the back.

It is covered in a black vegan leather material which I think adds a touch of class but more importantly it makes it more comfortable to hold because it’s less slippery, although they do also bundle a little protective case in the box with it. It also doesn’t pick up fingerprints or smudges as easily as the Oppo find N on the casen.

They’ve also added this subtle curb of the material up to the camera module for a more seamless design. And I think overall it’s a really nice refinement of the original. Although if you are using this on a flat surface, you do get quite a bit of wobble. The phone comes in Black, Green and White colors.

OPPO FIND N2 display review

Oppo Find N2 screen display

It’s foldable screen has foldable LTPO AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ and 1200 nits (HBM) brightness. It is build with a screen of 7.1 inches size and 1792 x 1920 pixels resolution with ppi density of approximately 370.

Coming to it’s cover display, it is built on a resolution of 1080 x 2120 pixels of 5.54 inches size. The cover screen has AMOLED screen type, which has 120Hz refresh rate and comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

Firstly the screen seems to pick up fingerprints and smudges really easily. To be fair, only the Galaxy fold 4 really has that we didn’t see that many foldables but it would have been a nice upgrade. So mostly, I’ve been using this cover screen as my main sort of everyday screen as I’m walking around. But then if I want to watch a video or if I’m going to have a couple of apps side by side, we can jump into like the Kindle app and do some reading I will then open up the tablet screen.

One feature I found fascinating is its finger gestures. For an instance, if you swipe down two fingers on the center, you can open up split screen mode, and then you’ve got your sort of tablet experience then it’s just such a lovely form factor. It doesn’t have that Goldilocks screen size the front one is too small or too narrow to really use comfortably and the big one is too big for when you try and catch it over when you’ve got Google Maps and messages coming in.

For me this is like Goldilocks size comfortability solely depends on the content for example, if you’re watching videos or movies on the main tablet screen, you’re gonna get some fairly chunky black bars. Now both the cover and the tablet screens are 120 hertz but the main screen does also now used in more advanced LTP to text so we get 1 to 120 hertz dynamic refresh and they’ve also boosted the peak brightness up to 150 nits taking advantage of the biggest screen we have all post flags form and in a handful of apps.

This Oppo find N2 is also good for YouTube, YouTube really utilizes the extra space quite nicely and doesn’t feel as fully formed as Flex mode on Samsung’s foldables but it’s a good start. When we come to it’s camera, is particularly handy for the camera as it uses its foldable design as a makeshift stand which is great for doing remote shots. like for capturing videos of yourself and of course being a tablet with a cover screen you can switch on the cover preview and so then your subjects can see themselves which is extremely useful when you’re taking lots of pictures.

For an instance, when capturing your wife and they’re all wrong because her hair was off the shoulder a little bit and she hates them all. If you use this Oppo find N2, she could have seen herself on the cover display and see that she have to dress her hair. You can also use it for selfies as if it is selfie camera, then you can make use of its high quality rear cameras for your selfies.

OPPO FIND N2 Cameras

Oppo Find N2 Camera
Camera review

Now, let’s talk about the cameras of this phone. There are still five lenses three on the back, one on the mental screen and one on the cover screen. But what has changed is the 50MP main camera, which now uses the latest IMS 890 sensor. The 48MP ultra wide and a 32MP telephoto also use newer sensors and high resolutions and they’ve also teamed up with Hasselblad for some pro features which are basically the same as the ones we see with the OnePlus 10 Pro.

It also come with a pro mode which can be used to add color science as well as a plus Daljit and super tool X panel photo mode and of course no oppo phone is complete without that Mary silicon X MP which they seem to be dropping in all their phones recently, and it’s basically an extra little AI chip which helps improve low light and HDR video to detail the dynamic range and also the relatively low noise.

OPPO FIND N2 PERFORMANCE: Bench marks of software and tests.

Now let’s talk about, what is probably the biggest upgrade on the inside. The relatively ancient Snapdragon 888 of the Find N has been upgraded to the 8+ Gen one the recently released gen two would have been nice, but this is still a huge upgrade. Although it was only in defense we’re not actually seeing that much of a significant difference for the process. I’m not quite sure why but in 3d Mark which tests the graphics we’re looking at around an 80% Boost.

It comes with an an Android 13 operating system and color OS 13. It’s CPU is Octa-core (1×3.0 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3×2.75 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A510) and it’s GPU is Adreno 730.

Coming to it’s rating and tests, the Oppo find N2 ranks 962082 (v9) in Antuntu. GeekBench is 3670 (v5.1) and GFXBench is 59fps (ES 3.1 onscreen).

Gaming performance and experience

Coming to it’s gaming performance, I tried a couple of graphic-intensive games, which some of them include the New State Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. Frankly speaking, these games ran smoothly even on their highest graphic settings. I did not notice any major frame drops or lags. In fact, the only time frame dropped was from the loading time.Talking about thermal or heat control, I did not see the phone having thermal throttling issues or increasing highly in temperature. Though, it does get a little warm at the back while playing demanding games which occurs if played for a long period of time.

Storage and Battery review of the Oppo Find N2

Coming to storage, there are of two different types. One with 12GB of RAM and 256GB storage and one with 16GB and 512GB. Unfortunately, this phone does not come with an SD card so you can’t expand the memory.

But what about battery life? In terms of the actual size, it comes with Li-Po 4520 mAh, non-removable battery which has an endurance rating of about 83hrs. It has fast charging of 67W wired, 37% in 10 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes.

OPPO FIND N2 prices in different countries ( United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia…)

The price of Oppo Find N2 does vary across different countries, but in this post, I will drop its price in some popular countries which include the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, France, Spain, Canada, South Africa, and some other African countries. So check out the table below for its prices.

United States $1,166
Germany DEM 1,540
United Kingdom £1,398.97
China 7,999 yuan
Italy €1,089.00
Malaysia MYR 4,565
France FRF 6,380
Spain EUR 935
Canada $ 1,430
South Africa 19,206 ZAR
Ghana GHS 9,625

OPPO FIND N2 pros and Cons

As every gadget do have selling point and downsides, this Oppo Find N2 do have challenges which you might consider before buying them. Below I will list the selling points of this phone and it’s downsides.


  1. An Ultrawide and 2x optical zoom camera is present.
  2. Support 32MP selfie cameras are present on folded and unfolded screens.
  3. Amazing chipset performance for gaming and multitasking.
  4. The latest Android 13 OS with ColorOS 13 user interface.
  5. Foldable LTPO AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate.
  6. FHD AMOLED cover screen with 120Hz refresh rate.
  7. The cover screen supports gorilla glass Victus protection.
  8. NFC and 5G enabled smartphone.
  9. Stereo speakers are present with Dolby support.
  10. Comes with 67W fast wired and 10W reverse charging support.
  11. Awesome camera performance in day and lowlight.
  12. 4K video recording with gyro-EIS support.
  13. Comes with Stylus pen support.
  14. Decent battery backup.


  1. Non-removable battery

2.Wireless charging is not available

3.Infrared connectivity is not there

  1. No mention of IP rating means it is not water or dust resistant
  2. Radio FM is not available
  3. Non expandable memory

Final verdict

Overall, there is definitely a big upgrade in the camera department of the Oppo find N2. I think it’s also fair to say the foldables haven’t really taken off to the quite the level that some of the brands had predicted, except for maybe the likes of this N2 and the galaxies Z flip 4. of course as a flipping phone rather than folding tablet.

If you want to purchase this phone you can see the various pros and cons of this phone above, so the choice is yours. Always check our promo page for current discount codes on various e-commerce stores.

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