Best tips on how to screenshot on hp laptop (3 best and free)

how to screenshot on hp laptop

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I do come across people asking questions about how to screenshot on hp laptop, or maybe how to screenshot or screen record on Laptops not only hp but including other brands, you might be surprised that people are asking this sought of questions but I am not surprised because if you know how to screenshot it does not mean everybody knows it.

We are using hp laptop as a case study in this post because we all know that hp company is among the best and foremost largely well-known technology and gadget corporations all over the world, maybe you don’t know this fact before now you can add it to your discovery note. You must have known about other several hp products like HP tablets, hp printers, desktop computers and Laptops which we are actually talking about in this our article.

Several people have been using Laptops all day long but don’t really know some important actions and functions that can be carried out with their Laptops which ought to be in their finger tips, and one of them is taking screenshot with their Laptops or screen recording.

The processes of taking screenshots on an HP laptop, tablets or maybe desktop can be somehow tricky but always simple when evenly explained. We will be explaining all the ways and tips on how to screenshot on hp laptop in this our article so let’s dive straight into it.

Importance of knowing how to screenshot on hp laptop explained

Before we go into the steps on how to screenshot on hp laptop I will like to explain some of it’s importance. When we talk about screenshots they are simple but very unique operations which gives you the ability to capture the exact image that is displayed on your laptop screen or even desktop and tablets. You maybe carrying out a project and you want to have memory of some stages or steps, that is where the need for screenshot comes in. You might also need it for several purposes best known to you because the value of images and pictures worth thousand words to be explained, and screenshots are also used as witness and evidence in some instances.

The ability of taking screenshot otherwise known by some people as screengrab while some call it “screencap” is one of the best game-changers in this our modern technological innovations. Few years ago people were thinking is rather impossible to capture anything that is displayed on a device screen at any time any day the need arise so easily. But today it’s now common operation among device users, ranging from android smartphones, ios, tablets, desktop and Laptops.

Let’s take for an instance that you need to show a webpage edit to your colleagues in your working place, your employees or maybe your boss that is when screenshot will prove to be extremely useful, in most cases it always serve as testimonial and evidence of a proof.

It is not only limited to the above mentioned purposes. Screenshots can also be used in getting knowledge of the past. Take for an instance the look of Instagram’s logo about ten years ago, then it’s gradual and systematic change over the years to what we have presently today. You can also consider sharing juicy gossip to infographics with screenshots, really screenshot can preserve let’s say anything and everything, is not an over emphasized statement.

Screenshots are always useful when you want to explain processes which can be hard to understand clearly when explained in words alone. Let’s take for an example, when you are crafting a tutorial on your website about a process of carrying out an operation, it would be more easier to capture the step-by-step screenshots of the process while you are doing it than just putting down everything in words. Screenshots can be used as a means of resourcing both for personal and professional use respectively.

Detailed explanation on how to screenshot on hp laptop

Coming to the concept of taking screenshot on hp laptops there are many ways to do that. No matter the type or brand of laptop you might be using, the following stated methods will always work for any of them. Below are list of ways and methods no how to screenshot on hp laptop more conveniently.

First Method on how to screenshot on hp laptop: Using the shortcut “Windows Key + Prt Sc”

This might be the simplest and easiest way of taking screenshot short on an hp laptop, it is done simply by simultaneously pressing the Windows key with the Print Screen (Prt Sc). There will be a flicker reaction on your screen for a second which shows that the screenshot has been successfully taken.

Where to locate the screenshots

You might be wondering after this flicker effect where can I get the screenshot I have taken? That’s no big deal just Go over to your files then PC > Pictures. All the screenshots you take will always be stored under the folder name ‘Screenshots’.

How to share the screenshots

If you need to move the screenshots to another folder or share it with a friend just press the shortcut ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste the screenshot and also share it with others. You can also do that by right-clicking to access a drop down manu then choose ‘Paste’, though this latter method take longer time.

Second method on how to screenshot on hp laptop is the use of Snipping Tool

Many laptop users already know that snipping tool is one of the excellent built-in feature which enables you to determine the area of the screen you want to capture. The operating system is never a limitation, this tools will always work perfectly in all Windows models.

To use this tool follow this steps:

Move over to the Start Menu and search for ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search bar. Then choose it in the options. After the application must have opened, you’ll see different options which you can choose from.
After clicking on ‘New’ or the shortcut ‘Ctrl + N’. You can now choose the shape of the screenshot you may desire from the number of modes Snipping Tool have. The default shape is the rectangular shape.
There are also other ways which you can capture your screen, they are also explained below:

By using this free-form Snip you can capture your screen in any form or shape you may wish, if you need oval, circular, or even freeform. This Window Snip is capable of capturing any active window with just a click.
When you use the full-screen Snipper tool you will be able to capture your entire screen at once. This is very easy and helpful for users that make use of dual monitors. This option will help them to capture the two screens at once.
After capturing your screenshot, you will be able to save it in your desired folder by using the shortcut ” Ctrl + S”.

Third method on how to screenshot on hp laptop is with the help of tools

There are several tools both online and app tools that can be used in taking screenshots including browser extensions, but am going to discuss two best tools I will recommend. They include vidmore screen capture and mark up hero.

In some cases shortcut key or Print Screen key system may not work on your HP laptop due to some reasons, that is when the need for tools come in. The shortcut or print screen method have limitations when we come to photo editing. In case you need to take a quick screenshot without using the shortcut or Print Screen button on HP laptop, you can make use of the professional screen capture tool that include Vidmore Screen Recorder and markup hero. It also come with series of editing features which will aid in editing the screenshot on your Windows, be it windows 10, 8 or even 7 computer and also Mac in real time. Using this quick screenshot tool, is possible to take screenshots on HP laptop or any other brand and model, not only screenshot but you can record any area of the screen in your HP laptop. Now let’s explain this tools one after the other:

How to screenshot on hp laptop using Vidmore Screen Capture Tool

This tool “Vidmore screen capture” can take a screenshot of all the area on your laptop screen or a single window. It can also record any activities of your wish on your HP laptop screen or desktop computer. It has the ability to add text, even arrows or different shapes to screenshot or recording on your HP laptop. It support hp models like HP Pavilion, , HP Chromebook, HP EliteBook, HP Envy laptop.

Process of taking screenshot with Vidmore screen capture tool:

Step 1. Firstly Select Vidmore Screen Capture which has embeded link in this post it will lead you to the download area. After the free downloading of Vidmore Screen Recorder must have finished then install and also launch it on your computer. After launching Click Screen Capture which is located in the main interface.

Step 2. Then you can now start taking screenshots. Just move the cursor with the help of your mouse to select a single window or maybe the whole HP laptop screen as you wish then screenshot. There is also an option to drag the cursor to select a rectangle area of your choice.

Step 3. After screenshot then edit screenshot. After you must have selected the desired area, you can now draw a rectangle, an arrow, a line, insert text or paint a color of your choice to the screenshot you have taken. Then click the “Save” icon to save the screenshot to your HP laptop file.

download Vidmore tool

Use of Markup Hero to screenshot on hp laptop:

The next tool we will be talking about is markup hero, With the help of this tool you can not only capture the screen of your laptop but you can also access the screenshots, edit them and also annotate them easily. This process establish a clear line of communication which also improve your workflow. You can also use it to sort your images and even add tags in separate folders which will keep them organized. You can also use this markup hero to upload your screenshots and share them with your desired friends, colleagues or client.‌

Steps to use this tool:

Firstly you will have to download the Markup Hero app through the link provided in this post. Mark up hero is completely free and does not require the stress of signing up. This app is compatible on all operating systems including Mac, Windows, Chrome, and even Linux.‌

After downloading the app, through the start icon locate: PC > Downloads and double-click on the .exe file then install the software.

After installation simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + 1 and it will start the application.

After you capture either a part of your screen or maybe the entire screen, Markup Hero will automatically upload the image on the web and you can share it immediately from there.‌

This Markup Hero tool is not only for taking screenshots you can also use it for other purposes just like highlighting, annotating and to edit your snapshots.

Download mark up hero


Mostly, your HP laptop or desktop computers will have various ways of taking a snapshot, screenshot or screen grab as you may call it. But it can’t be as effective as built tools for this purpose. By using a tool like Markup Hero, you can access, edit, annotate, and also share your documents effortlessly. No matter the method you prefer using, you should take into consideration the ability to take the screenshot store it, edit and share it to friends, client or your boss as the case maybe.

So I will be rounding up this post on how to screenshot on hp laptop here, which method do you prefer to use? Please we need your feedback in the comments box , thanks once more for visiting our site.

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