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Itel A58 best Review and prices world wide ( veitnam, Ghana …)

This Phone is one of the itel’s latest entry level device and I’m going to be sharing the Itel A58 price, my thoughts and experience with this device and then you can decide for yourself if you should buy it. If I had to describe this phone in one word, it will be basic is for people who will use your phone apart from calling or texting. It is one of most affordable phones and it brings a smartphone experience to people who can’t spend $200 or 100,000 Naira on a phone.

Box Content

Inside the box of the Itel A58 box, we get the phone first, the hard plastic case, five watts charging adapter, micro USB cable, and simple looking Wired earphones. You get all this for just for 40,000 Naira. So if the aid is made entirely from plastic, so that’s a plastic bag and a plastic frame. And I like the weird design on this smartphone. It reminds me of the Xiaomi me 11.

Hardware and software of Itel A58

The speakers are the bottom of the rear alongside the item branded at the bottom of the Itel A58. We see the microUSB port and the microphone. Up top we get the headphone jack. Now this phone also has dual SIM cards and a memory card slot but it’s not 4GB but 1GB. Like I said this phone is just covering the basics of smartphone communication. The display is quite big. It’s a 6.6 inch 720 LPI display. It’s very colorful and vibrant.

With contents is capped at 720p watching movies and videos on here is good because of how big the displays it’s very good for media consumption. 4000 mAh batteries, though I wasn’t able to test the battery extensively both for the short time I have the phone it lasted pretty well.

The Itel A58 is running Android 11 Go edition, the live version of regular Android don’t expect software updates here. One gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage is what you get on a 1.3 gigahertz Unisoc SC7731 processor. It took about 25 minutes to complete the test. But anyway, this phone is definitely not meant for gaming, but I did play games on it. One thing that helped with gaming performance was turning off Wi Fi and mobile data and I was able to get a somewhat good gaming session out of it. But these are for small games you cannot play heavy games on here.


Now let’s move on to the cameras. We get two cameras at the back on one of fronts. A five megapixel main camera that AI camera and also a selfie camera. I’m not sure if it’s five megapixel or two megapixels. Now don’t expect to win any photography or was it this camera. The video quality tests of the Itel A58 audio quality test are manageable.


Price of Itel A58 body parts

When buying a phone one of the most neglected option is the not just the price of the phone but the price of it’s parts incase it got spoiled on the process of using it. Now let’s check out some of the vital parts of Itel A58 and it’s prices.

Price of Itel A58 Screen or itel a58 screen replacement

The screen of Itel A58 can be gotten for about NGN 20,000 – NGN 22.000 in Nigeria, that is for the original screen. I will advice you to purchase them from Jumia stores. If you are in Lagos then you will enjoy there free delivery program that is ongoing when you purchase this Itel A58 LCD.

Price of Itel A58 Battery

The next vital part of Itel A58 that I will be analysing it’s price is it’s battery. Battery of a phone does not easily spoil but what if it does? This can be as a result of exposing it to harsh weather or over charging. The Itel A58 Battery replacement price in Nigeria is NGN 6000 which is relatively cheap though.

Itel A58 price in different places and Availability

Now I will make a list of Itel A58 price in different locations and their corresponding prices starting from Ghana and veitnam last.

  • Itel A58 price in Ghana: Itel A58 price in Ghana is around GHC474.
  • Itel A58 price in Uganda: zitel a 58 price in Uganda is around UGX 300,000.
  • Itel A58 price in Pakistan: The Itel A58 price in Pakistan is about Rs 10,999.
  • Itel A58 price in Kenya: The Itel A58 price in Kenya is around Ksh. 8,650.
  • Itel A58 price in Tanzania: The Itel A58 price in Tanzania is about Sh 230,000.
  • Itel A58 price in South Africa: The itel A58 price in South Africa is around Rand 1,300.
  • Itel A58 price in bangladesh: The Itel A58 price in bangladesh is around TK 5,000.
  • Itel A58 price in Sierra Leone: The Itel A58 price in Sierra Leone is around 1,269,091.75 Sierra Leonean Leone.
  • Itel A58 price in Nigeria: Itel A58 price in Nigeria will be around NGN 39,000 – NGN 40,000.
  • Itel A58 price in veitnam: The itel A58 price in veitnam will be around VND176,000


So let me know what you think of both quality and quality in the comment section down there let me know what you think. The Itel A58 is not for everyone. It’s a basic entry level device. So if you’re looking for a device to cover your needs for basic smartphone communication, vocational light gaming, or you want to get a phone for your kids, and you don’t want to break the bank, then the Itel A58 is one that you should consider. Do let me know your thoughts on this advice would you be getting one? Let me know in the comments below.

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