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Samsung galaxy S22 ultra Review – Best user opinion

According to live users we will be dropping the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review here in Gtechblogs. This phone is the latest and greatest mobile device of the samsung company. In this post we will Start with its special feature which is the S pen built into it though Samsung notes do have this pen also.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra Review: ITS S PEN

Samsung company has been delivering mouth watering products with awesome camera and performance, most especially in this there S series device and now they have included an S pen in it. The S Pen feels better than ever. It’s super lightweight and has pressure sensitivity to it and the lowest latency we’ve ever seen of 2.8 seconds. If you’ve used a note Series before this feels just like that one only better though. Whether you’re sketching, taking notes or using it for editing feels brilliant.

In this Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra the S pen can also be stored within the phone body just like it is stored in the Samsung Note series without any compromise on phones frame and the battery size. So there is no fear of misplacement or theft of this S pen, though I don’t think anyone can steal the S pen and forget to take the phone along.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra : BODY DESIGN

The next part we will be looking into is the body design of this phone, the design of this samsung galaxy S22 ultra has the exact same feel and looked as the older note 8, not much different from the S 22 Ultra having a much boxier and sharp edge, but it’s very squared outs with sharper edges and has the camera bumps a little more exposed because of the lack of that camera housing.

Below it is the S pen slot, bottom facing speaker which is type C and SIM card slot all at the board. Because of the sharp edges though, long hours of gaming can tire out your palms due to the pointy edges. So that’s something to keep in mind if you have smaller hands. If you’re wondering about the wobble when you set it down on a table surface, it only wobbles on the bottom right corner you put the spin down there or touchdown there. The finish at the back is very smooth and gripping the phone feels great as well as very premium finishes.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra Review: THE DISPLAY

From users experience and reviews I will say this samsung S22 ultra is so far the best smartphone display currently, the phone looks as good as it does indoors. Very sharp, clear, crisp, and I don’t need to elaborate much on this.

The display is definitely a top feature on this device that you’d expect that to drain the battery but not really. With a new display pattern, it can drop the refresh rate all the way from 120 hertz down to 100 hertz to conserve battery, but we’ve also got an under Display fingerprint sensor, which is pretty quick and secure works very accurately as well. It uses 6.8″ AMOLED 2X display and a pixel density of 500 ppi with 1750 nits.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra PLATFORM AND PERFORMANCE

If I say the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra is an absolute beast when it comes to the performance I don’t think is an overating. It has 14 nanometre processor with either 8 GB of RAM or 12 GB of RAM. This is the most powerful chip on any device we’ve seen so far. Now, as an everyday user, you can’t really tell the difference. At least I wasn’t able to wait just a few days of using it. But the numbers speak for themselves a great benchmark test and this completely destroys the other devices by a longshot.

I’m curious to know what efficiency is like on this when it comes to battery drain and heating up but so far it looks great gaming on this as expected, this phone was amazing at the call of duty mobile as usual and this gave me the maximum graphics plus maximum framerate without even breaking a sweat. With the incredibly strong processor, the 120 hertz Refresh Rate Monitor thought something raid. This is basically a mini console.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra Review: CAMERA

Now let’s move over to the camera of this phone, it comes with a quad camera setup which is made up of a 12 megapixel F 2.2 ultra wide angle camera, 108 megapixel F 1.8 main camera, 10 megapixel F 4.9 Periscope telephoto lens and 10 megapixel F 2.4 70 millimeter telephoto lens. The front camera is 40 megapixel F 2.2.

Samsung company has always been great but their processing are usually really vibrant sharp and this summer on display affected the ED separation and detection, the oral sensing performance, any camera significantly to make it a lot more balanced and consistent. Of course we still have that incredible zoom carried forward as well and this time giving you more detail when you zoom in digitally. both the front and back camera can do 4k At 60 FPS.

The back camera can also do 8k At 24 FPS, contrast colors everything looks absolutely awesome on this samsung galaxy S22 ultra. The front camera goes up to 4k at 60 FPS while the back camera has been pretty boring.

Summary of this Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra also has a pretty large 5000 milliamp hour battery that supports 45 quarts in fast charging business. That’s just the hardware side but internally, it sounds like it’s made some pretty big moves on the efficiency.
So if you are afraid of battery life I believe this phone is worth going for.

Thanks for visiting Gtechblogs, please drop what you think about this phone in the comments box.

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